Leatherman Squirt E4 Tool

The Leatherman Squirt E4 tool is a retired keychain-sized multitool with wire strippers, six other handy tools, and an interesting history.

Most of the Squirt E4s were sold by Radio Shack between approximately 2003 and 2007. These tools have RadioShack printed on the body, and are exclusively red. Leatherman also sold a few E4s with an EL label, either before or during the Radio Shack sales. From 2007 to 2010 this tool was sold with a Squirt E4 label, until it was replaced by the current Squirt ES4. The Leatherman versions came in the usual blue, gray and red.

The Phillips screwdriver on the Squirt E4 is unique. Unlike all other keychain Leathermans, it is a full 4-point driver rather than a flat tool. To accomplish that, the tool widens near the tip. It fits neatly into the curved part of the body when it is closed. Sadly, the Squirt ES4 that replaced this tool has only a flat Phillips.

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Squirt E4 tool is 57.2mm (2 1/4") long, 21mm (.8") wide, and 11mm (.45") thick. It weighs about 52.8 grams (1.9 oz).
Colors: The Squirt E4 comes in red, blue, and gray.
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  • Squirt P4 (retired): pliers and awl instead of wire strippers and tweezers
  • Squirt S4 (retired): scissors instead of wire stripper, flat Phillips screwdriver
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