Leatherman Style CS Tool

The Leatherman Style CS tool is a compact, keychain-sized multitool with scissors and a blade. It was introduced in 2010, then retired circa 2019. You might say it combined the size of the Squirt with the design style of the Skeletool.

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Style CS tool is 76mm (3") long, 20.7 (.8") wide, and 9.5mm (.4") thick. It weighs about 41.4 grams (1.5 oz).
Colors: The Style CS comes in black, red, blue and green. They also came in pink, but those are currently retired.
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The Leatherman Style CS knife contains the following tools:
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  • Micra: adds screwdrivers, no carabiner
  • Squirt ES4: adds wire stripper and screwdrivers, no carabiner
  • Squirt PS4: adds pliers and screwdrivers, no carabiner
  • Style PS: pliers instead of blade
  • Squirt S4 (retired): adds screwdrivers, no carabiner
  • Style (retired): no pliers or carabiner
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