Leatherman Knifeless Fuse Tool

The Leatherman Knifeless Fuse multi-tool has full-size pliers, and a very useful set of other tools. It replaces the blade with a metal file, to make it safer for air travel. This model was introduced in 2007, and then retired a few years later (possibly because it was still sometimes confiscated by TSA despite the lack of blades). It is very uncommon.

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Knifeless Fuse tool is 102mm (4") long, 30.4mm (1.2") wide, and 15mm (.6") thick. It weighs about 168.5 grams (5.9 oz).
Colors: The Knifeless Fuse comes in stainless steel with black Zytel handle inserts.
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The Leatherman Knifeless Fuse multi-tool contains the following implements:
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