Leatherman Super Tool

The Leatherman Super Tool is a retired (but still popular), full-size multitool with pliers, wire cutters and a generous set of blades and tools. It was introduced in 1994, making it the only third Leatherman model, after the PST (1983) and Mini Tool (1986). The Super Tool only lasted for 8 years before it was replaced by the Super Tool 200. However, this model was extremely popular, so they still show up frequently in airport confiscations. On average, used Super Tools have much heavier wear than most other tools, so they obviously did not sit idle in the tool box!

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Super Tool is 115mm (4 1/2") long, 31.5mm (1 1/4") wide, and 16mm (5/8") thick. It weighs about 249.1 grams (8.8 oz).
Colors: The Super Tool comes in stainless steel and the less common black oxide.
Super Tool Models by Year: The Super Tool did not receive as much tool-tweaking as the PST, so it has only three variations in its toolset. All Super Tools have a date stamp inside the handle.
1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001

Super Tool 1994 (rare)

Initial production

Super Tool 1995

Add hard wire notch, larger pliers pivot

Super Tool 1996

Switch from saber to clip point blade, smaller pliers pivot

Super Tool 1997

Tools unchanged

Super Tool 1998

Tools unchanged

Super Tool 1999

Tools unchanged

Super Tool 2000

Tools unchanged

Super Tool 2001

Final production (uncommon)