Leatherman Wave Tool

The Leatherman Wave tool is a very popular full-size multitool with pliers, wire cutters and a generous set of blades and tools, housed in a tough stainless steel body. The current version was introduced in 2004, replacing the Original Wave which burst onto the scene in 1998. In 2018 it was replaced with the Wave Plus, which has replaceable wire cutters.

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Wave tool is 102mm (4") long, 36mm (1.4") wide, and 20mm (.8") thick. It weighs about 243.7 grams (8.6 oz).
Colors: The Wave comes in a stainless steel body, or a black oxide finish.
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The Leatherman Wave tool contains the following implements:
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  • Charge AL: aluminum body
  • Charge TTI: titanium body, adds gutting hook
  • Sidekick: smaller size, no scissors and fewer screwdrivers
  • Surge: larger size, awl instead of small screwdriver
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