Leatherman Genus Tool

The Leatherman Genus tool is similar to ordinary bypass gardening pruners, but it has some additional tools built into the handle. It is unlike most other Leatherman multitools, since it has a pruner instead of pliers, and does not fold the handles around the main tool. The Genus was introduced in 2007 (a year after the Hybrid and

  • Vista), and retired in 2009. Because of their rarity, all of the Leatherman pruning tools are now sought-after collectibles that are very hard to find.

    Size & Weight: The Leatherman Genus tool is 216mm (8 1/2") long, 45.7mm (1.8") wide, and 20mm (.8") thick. It weighs about 318 grams (11.2 oz).
    Colors: The Genus comes in black.
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  • Tools:
    The Leatherman Genus knife contains the following tools:
    Similar Leatherman tools:
    • Sidekick: pliers instead of pruner, no gardening tools
    • Hybrid (retired): weeder and bark lifter instead of blade
    • Vista (retired): blade and hunting tools instead of gardening tools
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    There are no similar tools from Victorinox or Wenger.

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