Leatherman Awl

A few Leatherman multi-tools include an awl (sometimes called a reamer, or boring tool). It includes a sharp edge and a groove, which turns it into a reasonably efficient drill for working in leather, wood or soft sheet metal. The pictured awl is found on the smaller Leatherman tools. Larger Leatherman tools contain a larger, 38mm awl of similar design.

Leatherman Awl

To use the Leatherman awl, poke the pointy end where you want the hole to go, and rotate the tool so the sharp edge scrapes against the material. You can make many short rotations, or turn the tool completely around if you have room to do so.

The awl on some newer Leatherman tools includes a sewing eye, so you can also use the tool as a crude needle for making repairs in cloth or leather.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • The Victorinox awl has a similar sharp edge, and also includes a sewing eye.
  • The Wenger awl is a simple, tapered square tool that does not include a sharpened edge or sewing eye.