Leatherman Flat Tools

Several Leatherman tools are milled from a sheet of steel alloy, with multiple tools formed by grinding, stamping or laser cutting.

Leatherman Flat Tools

Leatherman flat tools may have any of the following functions, depending on model:

  • Bottle Opener: hook the small hooked protrusion under the bottle cap and pry it open.
  • Cutters and Scrapers: some tools have sharp edges that you can use instead of a knife blade.
  • Hex Wrenches: place the hexagonal hole over the nut and rotate. Some tools have a stepped series to handle multiple sizes.
  • Rulers: use the etched scales to measure the size of french fries, dust bunnies or any other items.
  • Screwdrivers: use the protrustions to turn slotted or Phillips head screws.
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