Victorinox Soldier Knife 1947

The 1947 Soldier Swiss Army knife produced by Victorinox and Wenger was similar to the 1946 Soldier from the previous year. The same design continued on the 1948 Soldier. Production for this year was very sparse, and we have not yet seen any 47-dated knives from Wenger.

Size & Weight: The 1947 Soldier knife is 100mm (3 1/2") long, 25mm (1") wide, and 18mm (0.72") thick. It weighs about 121.7 grams (4.3 oz).
Colors: The Soldier comes in red fiber.
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The Victorinox Soldier knife contains the following tools:
Other Soldier Knives:
Vintage Features:
  • Date on Blade Tang
  • Tapered Awl
  • Thicker Screwdriver
  • Old Style Can Opener
  • Elsener Schwyz on blade tang (Victorinox only)
  • Waffenkontrolle Stamp (usually stamped by inspector)
  • Carbon Steel Tools (except on private-issue stainless steel knives)
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