Victorinox 111mm Soldier Lockblade Knife

The Victorinox Soldier Lockblade Swiss Army knife is a large, 111mm / 4 1/4" Swiss Army knife that is standard issue for members of the Swiss army from 2008 until present. Unlike other Victorinox models, it has a date at the base of the large blade.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Soldier Lockblade knife is 111mm (4 1/4") long and 18mm (.7") thick. It weighs about 126 grams (4.4 oz).
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Alox Soldier Swiss Army Knives by Year

The 111mm Victorinox Soldier knife was first introduced in 2008, replacing the 93mm ribbed alox Soldier knife that was used for 48 years. We have not yet seen any changes in its design.

2008 Soldier Knife

2009 Soldier Knife

2010 Soldier Knife

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