Undated Victorinox and Wenger Soldier Knives

Some 1908-model Soldier Swiss Army knife were produced without a two-digit date on the blade tang. These knives may have been produced prior to the introduction of tang dates, or they may be private-issue knives produced any time between 1908 and 1950.

Size & Weight: The undated Soldier knife is 100mm (3 1/2") long, 25mm (1") wide, and 18mm (0.72") thick. It weighs about 121.7 grams (4.3 oz).
Colors: The Soldier comes in red fiber.
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The Victorinox Soldier knife contains the following tools:
Other Soldier Knives:
Vintage Features:
  • Tapered Awl
  • Thicker Screwdriver
  • Old Style Can Opener
  • Elsener Schwyz on blade tang (Victorinox only)
  • Waffenkontrolle Stamp (usually stamped by inspector)
  • Carbon Steel Tools (except on private-issue stainless steel knives)