SwissTool Chisel

The chisel blade on the SwissTool is a bit more than 14mm (1/2") wide, and 46mm (1 3/4") long.
This tool also includes two sharpened notches that you can use as wire strippers, or for cutting fine wire (they each have a different curvature for different wire sizes).

Swiss Army Multitool Chisel

Uses: The chisel has a sharp tip that you can use for shaving or slicing wood, cheese, or any other soft material. It's best to keep the blade sharp, and push on it rather than hammering.
To strip insulation from a wire, place the wire in one of the notches at the place where you'd like to cut the insulation, press it lightly against the sharp edge with one finger, and then pull on the wire. To cut wire, place the wire in one of the notches and pull hard against the sharp edge.

Similar Tools:
  • There is a smaller chisel on a few standard-size Swiss Army knives.
  • So far, no Leatherman tools seem to come with a chisel blade, although some folks sharpen one of the screwdriver blades to act as a chisel.