SwissTool Large Blade

Most versions of the SwissTool include a large knife blade that is about 2 7/8" / 72mm long. This tool is manufactured from an extremely hard form of stainless steel, so it holds an edge for a long time, and can be easily re-sharpened.
The blade can corrode if exposed to strong acids, or if it is used in a salty environment for long periods of time. However, like all of the other Victorinox implements, in normal use it is resistant to corrosion.

Swiss Army Multitool Blade

Uses: The large blade is usually the implement that sees the most use on SwissTools. It's all-around handy for any cutting or slicing chores.

WARNING: Some people use the blade as a prying tool, but it is not designed for that task and will probably bend. Use the extra large screwdriver instead!

Similar Tools:
  • All standard-size Victorinox Swiss Army knives have a similar main blade.
  • All standard-size Wenger Swiss Army knives have a similar main blade.
  • Many Leatherman tools also have a large blade.