SwissTool Large Screwdriver

The largest screwdriver blade on the SwissTool is about 5/16" wide at the tip, and 1 1/4" long (or 8 mm wide and 33 mm long.)

It's a hefty screwdriver blade with a solid locking assembly which makes it almost as rigid as a regular screwdriver. The blade is thick enough that you can use it as a prying tool.

Large SwissTool Screwdriver
Uses: The extra large screwdriver works great on very large flat-head screws. It's also the most solid prying implement on the SwissTool. It can be bent or broken if you apply too much force, so you might want to consider a prybar or other more solid tool, if you really need to bend something.

Similar Tools:
  • None of the standard-size Swiss Army knives from Victorinox or Wenger have a screwdriver that is as hefty as this one!
  • A few Leatherman multi-tools do have a large screwdriver of similar size.