SwissTool Metal Saw / Metal File

Most versions of the SwissTool include a combination metal saw and metal file that is similar to the metal saw on regular Swiss Army knives.
This tool is about 70mm (2 7/8") long. Its width varies from 13mm (1/2") at the base, to 7mm (1/4") at the tip.

Swiss Army Multitool Metal Saw

Uses: The file portion of the tool has fine crosscuts on one side, and a coarser cut on the other. You can use it for smoothing or filing anything from soft metals to fingernails. One edge of the tool includes metal saw teeth, so you can use it to cut sheet metal or bar stock.

Similar Tools:
  • A few Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a metal saw and file. It is similar to this tool, only thinner and shorter.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives also include a metal saw and file.
  • Many of the Leatherman multi-tools also include a metal saw and file. Some are larger, and some are smaller than the Victorinox version.