SwissTool Wood Saw

Most SwissTool models include a wood saw that is about 72mm (2 7/8") long. It has a handy, tapered profile that is useful for many cutting tasks. The saw will cut wood, drywall, styrofoam and other soft materials. It is also a good gripping tool for pulling cotton balls out of aspirin bottles, and similar tasks.

Swiss Army Multitool Wood Saw

Uses: The wood saw works best in materials less than 50mm / 2" diameter-- we have used it to cut through a piece of 2x4 pine lumber (40mm x 80mm) in less than a minute.

You can use the wood saw to cut thick pieces of firewood by making two cuts in a "v" shape, and working all around the outside until it is narrow enough to snap.

Similar Tools:
  • There is a thinner and lighter wood saw on several Victorinox Swiss Army knives.
  • There is a thinner and lighter wood saw on a few Wenger Swiss Army knives.
  • A few of the Leatherman tools also include a wood saw.