Victorinox Accountant 74mm Knife

The Victorinox Accountant Swiss Army knife is a vintage, retired Swiss Army knife, in a pocket-friendly 74mm / 3" format. It has the same tools as the more common Prince, but the nail file is mounted on the rear. This is a luxury model that was produced in mother of pearl, stainless steel, horn, and other attractive materials.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Accountant knife is 74mm (3") long, 20.5mm (0.8") wide, and 5mm to 9mm thick (0.2" to .35") thick, depending on the material. It weighs 24.4 to 32.1 grams (0.9 to 1.2 oz) depending on material.
Colors: The Accountant knife comes in stainless steel, and other luxury materials.
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The Victorinox Accountant pocket knife contains the following tools:
Similar Victorinox Knives:
  • Ambassador: one blade, adds scissors, smaller nail file
  • Executive: adds scissors and orange peeler, smaller nail file
  • Prince (retired): standard nail file
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