Victorinox 100mm (4 inch) Gardening & Safari Knives

Horticultural Knives

The 100mm series of Victorinox horticultural knives are housed in a rigid, simple, straight body, with tough, practical blades designed for grafting, pruning, harvesting and gardening work. Most were available in both a red-handled version with aluminum scales, and a heavier black-handled version with brass scales. There are many other tool combinations and blade variations, besides the four basic models shown here. All the horticultural models are now out of production.

Safari Knives

The 100mm Safari series was based on the German Army knife, with large blades housed in a hefty nylon body. Many of the models in this series have a unique combination wood saw and screwdriver. All the knives in this series were retired in the early 2000's.