Victorinox Duchess Knife

The Victorinox Duchess is a rare, retired Swiss Army knive with scales in a "dogbone" pattern.

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Size & Weight: The Victorinox Duchess knife is 58mm (2¼") long, 17.6mm (.7") wide, and 4mm to 6mm (.16" to .25quot;) thick. It weighs 9.9 to 20.7 grams (.3 to 0.7 oz) depending on the material used for the scales.
Colors: The Duchess was produced in red aluminum alox, and stainless steel. Some Duchess knives were used for advertising, and printed in other colors.
The Victorinox Duchess knife contains the following tools: *some Duchess knives do not have scissors
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  • Broker (retired): plain stainless steel body
  • Classic Deluxe (retired): square, luxury body
  • Diplomat (retired/rare): ribbed stainless steel body
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