Victorinox Pharmacy Knife

The Victorinox Pharmacy Knife is an uncommon Swiss Army knife that was distributed as a freebie to physicians and pharmacists. It was never in standard distribution. It has a slightly-modified orange peeler tool that is perfect for breaking the seal on drug bottles. This knife is easy to identify, since it has its own model name printed on the front! This model nearly always advertises Cardizem CD on the rear.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Pharmacy Knife is 58mm (2¼") long, 17.6mm (.7") wide, and 8mm (.31") thick. It weighs about 15.8 grams (.6 oz).
Colors: The Pharmacy Knife comes in yellow. A few were also produced with plain red scales.
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The Victorinox Pharmacy Knife contains the following tools:
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  • Classic SD: adds scissors, nail file instead of orange peeler
  • Escort (retired): nail file instead of orange peeler
  • Physician Knife (retired/rare): emergency blade instead of orange peeler
  • Rambler Pharmacy (retired/rare): no pen blade, adds emergency blade, scissors and Bottle opener/Phillips driver
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