Victorinox Princess Alox Knife

For many years, the Victorinox Princess Alox was the smallest 58mm Swiss Army knife, with just two tools. It was replaced by the Escort, which was retired itself in 2008. This model was sometimes called the Pocket Pal, although that name has also been used for other models.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Princess Alox knife is 58mm (2¼") long, 17.6mm (.7") wide, and 4mm (.16") thick. It weighs about 11.1 grams (.4 oz).
Colors: The Princess Alox comes in standard red. Advertising knives sometimes come in other colors.
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The Victorinox Princess Alox knife contains the following tools:
Similar Victorinox Knives:
  • Companion (retired): adds scissors
  • Escort (retired): Cellidor body, screwdriver tip on nail file
  • Princess (retired): Cellidor body, adds toothpick/tweezers
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