Victorinox Original SwissCard

The Victorinox SwissCard Origianl is a flat tool about the size of a credit card, that fits easily in a wallet or pocket. The original version (with protractor flap) was produced in a wide range of colors, and was popular both as a consumer purchase, and as an advertising freebie.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Original SwissCard is 81mm (3.2") long, 54mm (2 1/8") wide, and 4mm (1/8") thick. It weighs about 25.8 grams (0.9 oz).
Colors: The Original SwissCard comes in transparent amethyst purple, emerald green, onyx gray/brown, ruby red and sapphire blue. It also is found in solid white and black, and occasionally in solid green and red.
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The Victorinox SwissCard contains the following tools:
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