Victorinox Electrician Blade

A few Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include an electrician's blade-- a thick, short blade with a curved indent that makes it very good for cutting insulation from Romex cables and heavy wiring.
The electrician's blade is a generally useful tool that you can also use for plenty of other tasks. It works well for whittling. You can also use it to cut saplings or branches, if you don't have a pruning blade.

Swiss Army Knife Tool for Electricians

Uses: To use the electrician blade, follow these steps:

  1. Grip the wiring in one hand.
  2. Hold the Swiss Army knife in the other hand, with the sharp part of the electrician blade facing away from you (put the wiring in the concave part of the blade).
  3. Push the sharp part of the blade into the insulation wiring just beyond your other hand, and push away from you, cutting into the insulation at a very shallow angle.
  4. After you have 'peeled off' a section of insulation, use a small blade to cut through the rest of the insulation around the wires, and then pull it off.
Similar Tools:
  • The Victorinox pruning blade is curved, and also works well for cutting insulation.

There is no equivalent tool from Wenger or Leatherman.