Victorinox Hoof Cleaner / Hoof Pick

A few of the larger Swiss Army knives include a hoof cleaner (aka hoof pick). It's a curved, blunt blade that is perfect for scraping stones, mud or other crud out of your horse's hooves.

Swiss Army Knife Tool for Horses

Uses: To use the tool, just pull it out of the knife body, hold it point forward, and scrape along the cracks and crevices at the bottom of the hoof, until you have removed all foreign materials.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • No other Victorinox tool is just like the hoof cleaner.
  • Wenger Swiss Army knives and Leatherman tools do not include anything like the hoof pick.

NOTE: in an emergency, one could probably use some other blade or tool to remove a stone or mud. However, it would not work as well, and might cause injury. It is a shame that the Equestrian model was retired in 2013.