Victorinox Magnifier

A few of the larger Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a plastic magnifying glass. Starting in 2008, this tool is housed in a clear, translucent casing. It's about a 2x lens which is about 1/2" (14mm) in diameter.

Swiss Army Magnifier

Uses: If the sun is shining, you can use the magnifier to start a fire. Just gather some dry tinder, and focus the sun's rays on the darkest spot in the tinder material.
The magnifier lens is made of plastic, so be careful not to scratch it. Some people wrap it in a small piece of plastic so it won't be stained or abraded by pocket crud.

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Similar Tools:
  • Older Victorinox models had a slightly smaller gray magnifier.
  • There is a slightly larger magnifier on the SwissCard Lite.
  • Some of the SOS Kits from Victorinox include a separate magnifier and ruler (sometimes with a thermometer).
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives include a magnifying glass, which is on a long metal arm.