Victorinox Marlin Spike

A few of the larger Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a combination shackle opener and marlin spike (or marlinspike).
This tool is useful when working with knots in heavy ropes, particularly when they are wet or have jammed tight. It's also useful for pulling rope strands apart in preparation for rope splicing, or for threading a new rope strand into the space between other strands.

Swiss Army Marlin Spike

Uses: To use the marlin spike, poke it between the rope strands, and use it as a lever to pry apart the ropes or rope strands. Because the blade has no sharp edges, it won't damage the rope. If you want to thread a new strand into an existing rope, pass the new strand through the hole near the tip, and shove the tip into the space between two existing rope strands.
You can also use the tool as a shackle opener, or as a lever when working with any other type of unwieldy material.

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Similar Tools:
  • A few rare retired alox knives from Victorinox have included a smaller marlinspike.
  • The Wenger Alinghi also has tools for use by sailors.