Victorinox Nail File with Cleaner Tip

Older, 58mm keychain-sized Victorinox Swiss Army knives (and a few modern ones) have a nail file witha rounded "nail cleaner" tip instead of a screwdriver. The tip of this nail file is slightly rounded, so it works extremely well for cleaning under your nails.

Swiss Army Nail File

Uses: The nail file has a roughened metal surface which works quite well for taking rough spots off fingernails or toenails. The tool is hard enough that it probably won't ever wear out.

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Similar Tools:
  • Most current Victorinox 58mm knives have a nail file with a screwdriver tip. The small screwdriver is handy, and it is still pretty good for cleaning nails.
  • The Victorinox Executive knife includes a slightly different nail file with crosscuts instead of a roughened surface.
  • A few of the larger Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a metal file, which also can double as a nail file.
  • Most Wenger Swiss Army knives include a nail file. Even the larger knives usually have a nail file instead of a second blade.
  • A few Leatherman tools also include a nail file.