Victorinox Nail File with Screwdriver

Many of the small (2 1/4" / 58mm) Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a nail file with a small screwdriver tip.

Swiss Army Nail File

Uses: The nail file has a roughened metal surface which works quite well for taking rough spots off fingernails or toenails. The tool is hard enough that it probably won't ever wear out.

The screwdriver portion of the nail file is slightly rounded, so it works well for cleaning under your nails, as well as for driving slot head screws. If you are using it exclusively as a screwdriver, you may want to square off the blade with a metal file so it will grip the screws more tightly.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • Older Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a nail file with nail cleaner tip instead of the screwdriver.
  • The Victorinox has a nail file that is much larger.
  • Victorinox SwissCards have a removable nail file.
  • A few of the larger Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a metal file, which also can double as a nail file.
  • Most Wenger Swiss Army knives include a nail file. Even the larger knives often have a nail file instead of a second blade.
  • A few Leatherman tools also include a nail file.