Victorinox End-Mounted Phillips Head Screwdriver

A few Swiss Army knives include a locking, end-mounted Phillips head screwdriver as one of the tools on the main side of the knife. It is a bit more accessible than the rear-mounted driver. On the 91mm knives this tool is in the same slot as the magnifier or LED flashlight, while on 111mm knives it is opposite the scissors.

Swiss Army Screwdriver

Uses: On the 91mm standard-size knives, the Phillips screwdriver locks into two different positions, so you can use it at the end of the knife (similar to a regular screwdriver), or at right angles (similar to an offset screwdriver). On the 111mm knives, the end-mount Phillips only locks in the fully open position.
If you have a screw that is very difficult to turn, you can grip this screwdriver blade with an adjustable wrench or pliers to get more torque-- something that is not possible with a round blade.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • Many larger Victorinox Swiss Army knives have a slightly more awkward rear-mounted Phillips screwdriver, which does have more leverage.
  • A few 111mm Swiss Army knives include a second, thinner phillips screwdriver. It fits into tight spots where this tool can't reach.
  • Some of the smaller 2 1/4" (58 mm) Swiss Army knives include a decent small phillips head driver as part of the combination bottle opener tool.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives include a end-mounted screwdriver similar to this tool.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives include a back-mounted Phillips screwdriver.
  • Many Leatherman tools include a standard Phillips screwdriver.