Victorinox Pliers

The current version of Victorinox pliers includes a wire crimper, which was added in 1995.

Swiss Army Pliers

The Victorinox pliers are much smaller than regular slip-joint pliers. They work OK on small bolts, 13mm (1/2 inch) or smaller. They are also great gripping tools for thread, wire, and anything else that does not require a huge amount of force.

The pliers do not have a wire cutter, but you can cut thin wire by opening the pliers fully open, exposing a slot you can use to shear wire that is about 16 gauge or smaller.

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Similar Tools:
  • Prior to 1995, the Victorinox pliers did not have the crimper.
  • The Wenger pliers on Wenger Swiss Army knives include a slip joint so they can handle larger nuts. They use a lever arm as a return mechanism instead of a small spring, and they are also a bit narrower.
  • The Leatherman pliers are much larger. They include wire cutters, and have longer arms, which provide additional leverage.