Victorinox Scissors with Rivet

Many of the Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a set of scissors. Its size depends on the model.

Since 1991, Victorinox scissors have been attached with a rivet at their pivot, rather than a screw. Although it is not adjustable, the rivet will never come loose, and it generally keeps the scissors in great working order for many years.

Swiss Army Vintage Scissors

All of the Victorinox scissors include a small return spring, which makes snipping go much more smoothly. Because the spring is attached directly to the scissors handle, you can use the scissors in any position. The blade locks into place when in the fully-open position, but you can also use the scissors when the blade is only partly extended.

The Victorinox scissors don't need any specific maintenance, although you might want to put a drop of mineral oil at the pivot point once a year, or whenever the blade stops moving freely.

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Similar Tools:
  • From 1975 to 1991, Swiss Army scissors used a adjustable screw, instead of a rivet.
  • The scissors on Wenger Swiss Army knives are serrated, and use a different spring mechanism.
  • Leatherman scissors also use a different spring mechanism.