Victorinox Small Blade

Most standard-sized Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a 38mm (1 5/8") small blade, in addition to the larger main blade.

WARNING: The small blade on all types of Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a non-locking blade-- if you push too hard in the wrong direction, the blade will close into the body (possibly endangering fingers).

Uses: The small blade has a sharp edge that will cut or slice wood, plastic, and other soft materials. You can even use it on soft metals like aluminum, although it will dull the edge more quickly.
On the two-blade knives, many people like to keep one blade sharp and the other duller. That way you can use one blade for dirty work like cutting roots, without losing a finely-honed edge.
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Similar Tools:
  • Small 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army knives have a pen blade that is a bit longer and narrower.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army 84mm knives include a similar Pen Blade (though most Wenger knives have a nail file instead of a second blade).
  • Many Leatherman multi-tools also include a small blade.