Victorinox Tweezers

Most of the Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a set of tweezers, tucked into one of the shells. The tweezers are about 1 1/2" long (37 mm) on both the small knives and the large ones. They have a plastic top, while the legs are made of spring-tempered stainless steel.

Swiss Army Tweezers
Uses: The Victorinox tweezers work well for holding onto small parts or removing splinters. Some people use a grinding wheel to change the tweezer tips into a sharper point, so they are more effective at gripping splinters.
Found On: Most of the Victorinox Swiss Army knives include tweezers-- the only exceptions are the Alox models, a few extra-slim knives, and a few knives that include pens, lights or other appurtenances built into the shell.
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