Wenger Angler Pocket Knife

The Wenger Angler is a retired, pocket-sized 85mm Swiss Army knife with a diamond-coated hook sharpener and just a couple other tools. It was model #10305. This is one of the few recent Wenger models that we have not seen first-hand, so we can only provided limited information about it. It is an unusually small knife, with no bottle or can openers, and no back tools. It may have been sold only in Europe.

Size & Weight: The Wenger Angler knife is 85mm (3 1/4") long.
Colors: The Angler comes in standard red.
Unavailable on Smartknives
The Wenger Angler knife contains the following tools:
Similar Wenger Knives:
  • Caster (retired): adds openers, corkscrew, awl and scaler.
  • Diplomat (retired): scissors instead of hook sharpener.
  • Trout (retired): scaler, openers, corkscrew and Phillips instead of hook sharpener.
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