Wenger Evo S10 Pocket Knife

The Wenger Evo S10 is a retired, pocket-sized 85mm Swiss Army knife with contoured scales, a locking blade, and a basic set of tools. Unlike the the Evo 10 and its similarly-numbered predecessors, the S10 has a small blade instead of a nail file (to be consistent, it should be numbered S101). This appears to be an error by Wenger that was corrected in the EvoGrip S101 and in the Delémont series.

Size & Weight: The Wenger Evo S10 knife is 85mm (3 1/4") long, 26mm (1") wide, and 17mm (5/8") thick. It weighs about 55.4 grams (2.0 oz).
Colors: The Evo S10 comes in standard red.
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  • EvoGrip 10 (retired): grippy scales, no blade lock
  • Evo S14 (retired): adds scissors
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