Wenger Matterhorn Pocket Knife

The Wenger Matterhorn is a retired, pocket-sized 85mm Swiss Army knife with a whistle, and a few other handy tools. This model has also been called the Urban Survivor knife. This incarnation of the Matterhorn is not very similar to the Original Matterhorn, nor the Matterhorn Plus. It is also odd for having two Phillips screwdrivers and no corkscrew.

Size & Weight: The Wenger Matterhorn knife is 85mm (3 1/4") long, 26mm (1") wide, and 24mm (.95") thick. It weighs about 104.5 grams (3.7 oz).
Colors: The Matterhorn comes in standard red.
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Similar Wenger Knives:
  • Snap Shackle (retired): nail file and corkscrew instead of whistle and small blade
  • Survivor (retired): adds wood saw and scissors
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