Wenger Small Awl

Some Wenger 65mm knives have a small awl. It is a flatter version of the full-sized Wenger awl. It works well for punching holes through soft materials, or for enlarging existing holes. It also has an eye, so you can use it as a crude needle for burlap or other coarse materials.

The awl will stay sharp for a long time if you only use it on wood, leather, aluminum or copper (or other soft metals). You can use it for emergency "drilling" in sheet iron, but that will rapidly dull the awl's sharp edges.

Swiss Army Knife Awl
Uses: To use the awl tool to drill a hole, follow these steps:

  1. Poke a hole with the sharp point.
  2. Rotate the awl, and gradually enlarge the hole.

In leather or other soft materials, you can often push the awl directly through the material, and then rotate it to get a rounded hole.

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