Wenger Gutting Blade

The gutting blade has a sharpened and serrated inner edge that works well for skinning and gutting any type of game. The tip of the blade is not sharpened, so you won't accidentally cut into the meat or organs while you are butchering an animal.
The gutting blade is a generally useful tool that you can also use for plenty of other tasks. However if you are actually a hunter, you'll probably want to keep it razor sharp for easier field dressing of game.

Swiss Army Knife Tool for Hunters

Uses: To use the gutting blade, follow these steps:

  1. Push the gutting blade under the skin of the animal, with the sharp edge up and the blade facing away from you at about a 30 degree angle.
  2. Push the blade away from you, and cut through the skin or hide from below. That way the hairs, spines, scales or feathers of the animal won't get tangled up in the blade.
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