Wenger Slip-Joint Pliers

Some Wenger Swiss Army knives include a set of adjustable, slip-joint pliers. They slide into two different positions, so you can get the grip you need for a wider range of objects.

Swiss Army Pliers

The Wenger pliers are smaller than regular slip-joint pliers, but they have the same action. Use the teeth at the end for delicate gripping, or the more jagged teeth if you need a more serious grip. You can slip the arms further apart when you need to grip something that is wider.

The Wenger pliers do not have a return spring, but they use a lever arm which will open the pliers automatically, as long as they are fully opened. You can use the pliers at other angles, but won't get the return action.

To cut wire, insert it into the holes on the arms when they are lined up with each other, and then press the moveable arm to shear the wire.

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Similar Tools:
  • The Victorinox pliers are thicker, with a spring instead of a return lever. They have a wire crimper, but no slip joint.
  • The Leatherman pliers are much larger. They include wire cutters, and have longer arms, which provide additional leverage.