Victorinox One-Hand Parachutist Knife

The Victorinox One-Hand Parachutist Swiss Army knife is a large, 111mm / 4 1/4" Swiss Army knife. The large one-hand opening blade locks open, and is released by pushing a liner lock that sits parallel to the blade. The name implies use by parachute jumpers, but the belt cutter and blades are also useful for many other things. This model was retired circa 2008.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox One-Hand Parachutist knife is 111mm (4 1/4") long and 18mm (.7") thick. It weighs about 129 grams (4.6 oz).
Colors: The One-Hand Parachutist comes in black.
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  • Jumpmaster (retired): regular locking blade, adds wood saw
  • Parachutist (retired): regular locking blade
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