Victorinox Locking Blade

The larger 111mm (4 1/2") Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a hefty locking blade that is about 3 1/4" long (79 mm).
The large locking blade is thicker, longer and deeper than the large blade on the standard-sized knives. It includes a positive locking mechanism so the knife won't move, no matter which way you push it.

Swiss Army Locking Blade

Uses: There are two different locking mechanisms used on the large, 111mm knives:

  • Red-bodied knives have a sliding latch on the back. Slide the latch away from the blade, to release it.
  • Black-bodied knives have a metal strip parallel to the blade, which locks it in place when open. To release the blade, push the locking lever to the side, then pull the blade closed.
Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • A few 111mm Victorinox models come with a similar serrated locking blade.
  • A few other 111mm "one hand" Victorinox knives have a slightly different one-hand locking blade, with a grip opening and a partially serrated edge.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives also include a large locking blade with a slightly different locking mechanism.
  • All of the large Leatherman tools have some type of blade lock on their large blade.