Victorinox Executive Nail File

The Victorinox Executive Swiss Army knife from Victorinox includes a nail file with a cross-cut surface, instead of the roughened metal found on all the other Victorinox nail files. It is similar to the vintage nail file, used on small Victorinox knives in
the 1960's and earlier.

Swiss Army Executive Nail File

Uses: The tip of the Executive nail file is slightly rounded, so it works extremely well for cleaning under your nails. The file itself has cross-cut teeth similar to the metal file found on larger Swiss Army knives. You can use it on other soft materials, as well as fingernails.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • Most current Victorinox 58mm knives have a nail file with a screwdriver tip. The small screwdriver is handy, and it is still pretty good for cleaning nails.
  • Victorinox SwissCards have a removable nail file.
  • A few of the larger Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a metal file, which also can double as a nail file.
  • Most Wenger Swiss Army knives include a nail file. Even the larger knives usually have a nail file instead of a second blade.
  • A few Leatherman tools also include a nail file.