Victorinox Vintage Scissors

Prior to 1975, Victorinox used scissors with a single, slightly bent spring, and with the two halves of the scissors attached with a small, adjustable screw. The blades were slightly more angular, particularly around the pivot.

Like most Swiss Army knife tools of that era, the vintage scissors have a nicer polish to them, then modern ones. It appears they may have been plated with a harder metal.

Swiss Army Vintage Scissors

The older Victorinox scissors sometimes need to be adjusted. If the blades are too "floppy", use a small screwdriver to tighten the screw a bit. If the blades are binding, then loosen the screw about 1/4 turn. You might want also to put a drop of mineral oil at the pivot point, about once a year.

Found On:

All Swiss Army knife models with scissors, before 1975.

Similar Tools:
  • Modern Victorinox scissors are riveted at the joint, rather than being attached with a small screw. That means that they can't be adjusted, although there is also no danger of losing the screw (and possibly one of the scissor blades).
  • From 1975 to 1991, Swiss Army scissors switched a bent spring, with a more rounded body profile. They also used a adjustable screw, similar to this version.
  • The scissors on Wenger Swiss Army knives have always used an adustable screw.