Wenger Century Wood Saw Knife

The Wenger Century Wood Saw is a retired 125mm Swiss Army knife with a large, serrated locking blade and a wood saw. It was sold in North America during the early 2000s, and is unusual for having a wood saw, but no back tools or can/bottle openers. There is no other model of Swiss Army knife with the same tool set, and it is also uncommon in other brands. We have only seen this model with a serrated blade, but it is possible that some were produced with a plain blade.

Size & Weight: The Wenger Century Wood Saw knife is 124mm (5") long, 32mm (1 1/4") wide, and 17mm (5/8") thick. It weighs about 118 grams (4.2 oz).
Colors: The Century Wood Saw comes in camoflage. A few may have been produced in other colors./div> Buy on Smartknives
The Wenger Century Wood Saw knife contains the following tools:
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  • Forester (retired): adds openers, corkscrew and awl

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