Wenger Scissors with Rivet

Many of the keychain-size Wenger Swiss Army knives include a set of scissors. The 65mm Wenger Swiss Army knives have a small pair of scissors with a maximum opening of about 13mm (1/2"). The total length of this tool from handle to tip is about 48mm (2"). The 75mm VIP model is about 55mm (2 1/8") long

Swiss Army Scissors

Wenger scissors are springless: instead, there is a lever that returns the scissors to the open position. It's a sturdier mechanism than the Victorinox spring, but it only works when the scissors are fully opened. Wenger scissors also have microserrations. That makes them better at cutting some materials, but the resulting cut surface is not quite as smooth.

The Wenger scissors don't need any specific maintenance, although you might want to put a drop of mineral oil at the pivot point about once a year.

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Similar Tools:
  • Pocket-sized Swiss Army knives from Wenger include a slightly larger set of scissors that are otherwise very similar.
  • The Victorinox scissors are smooth. Since 1992 they are attached with a rivet rather than a screw.
  • A few Leatherman tools include scissors.