1998 Leatherman PST II Tool

PST II Leatherman tool
Early 1998, L-shaped screwdrivers PST II Leatherman tool
Mid 1998, transitional screwdrivers PST II Leatherman tool
Late 1998, tapered screwdrivers
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In 1998, the Leatherman PST II tool had a screwdriver overhaul. The original L-shaped tools used in 1997 and earlier were replaced by slightly lighter, tapered ones. The change happened gradually, so there are transitional tools with just one L-shaped screwdriver. The tapered screwdrivers then remained in use during 1999 and subsequent years.

Size & Weight: The Leatherman PST II tool is 102mm (4") long, 28mm (1.1") wide, and 12.5mm (1/2") thick. It weighs about 148.7 grams (5.2 oz).
Colors: The PST II comes in stainless steel.
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