Victorinox Huntsman Small Knife

The Victorinox Huntsman Small Swiss Army knife is a vintage and very rare, pocket-friendly 84mm / 3 1/4" knife with eight handy tools, plus a toothpick and tweezers (usually). This model is often known as an 84mm Huntsman. We have not determined whether it had a more common name (it comes from an era when Victorinox used model numbers, rather than names). Most people treat the Huntsman Small as a collectible, since it is one of the rarest of the vintage 84mm models.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Huntsman Small knife is 84mm (3¼") long, 21mm (.83") wide, and 16mm (.63") thick. It weighs about 88.6 grams (3.1 oz).
Colors: The Huntsman Small comes in standard red.
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