Leatherman Early Undated PST Tools

Original PST Leatherman tool
Original Tools, no "Pocket Survival Tool" Original PST Leatherman tool
Original Tools, No TM Regd TM PST Leatherman tool
Revised Tools, Reg'd TM (inch ruler) Undated PST Leatherman tool
Revised Tools, Undated 1992 Appearance (inch/metric rulers)
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In approximately 1986 or 1987, Leatherman stopped printing Pocket Survival Tool on the PST, but retained the same tool set (with a rather primitive blade, an awl with ragged mill marks, and a can opener sharpened on the side opposite from present tools). There are two minor variations to this version, with slightly different text stamped on the handle.

There was then a major overhaul to the pliers, blade, awl and can opener circa 1989, with two more minor variations (including the addition of metric markings on the ruler). All of these early tools are undated, so it is difficult to determine exactly when each transition took place. The final tool configuration continued when handle interiors started to get a date stamp in late 1992

Size & Weight: The Leatherman Early Undated PST tools are 101mm (4") long, 26.5mm (1") wide, and 12.6mm (1/2") thick. They weigh about 146 grams (5.2 oz).
Colors: The Undated PST comes in stainless steel.
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