Leatherman Micra Scissors

The first few Leatherman tools had pliers, blades, screwdrivers and a file, but no scissors. That changed in 1996 with the introduction of the Leatherman Micra. It had end-mounted scissors instead of pliers, on a keychain-sized tool. The Micra was a runaway success. It is still the most common Leatherman model confiscated at airports. Leatherman used a similar set of tools on the Squirt S4, released in 2002, and retired in 2010.

Leatherman Scissors

To use these scissors, unfold the tool and snip away.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • The scissors on Victorinox Swiss Army knives have a spring rather than a lever arm.
  • Wenger Swiss Army scissors also use a lever arm. The blades are micro-serrated.