SwissTool Pliers/Cutters

All SwissTool models include a large set of pliers that are about 6 3/4" / 170 mm long when ready for use. The pliers include a needle-nose tip, a curved section with coarse teeth, and a wire cutter near the pivot point. All of the other tools on the SwissTool fit into the plier handles.

id="pix">Swiss Army Multitool Pliers

Uses: Like most pliers, the SwissTool pliers have a relatively smooth tip, plus a more jagged section for better gripping. They also have a hardened wire cutter that you can use to cut soft wire. In emergencies you can use it on hard wire, but that will damage the tool.

Similar Tools:
  • A few Swiss Army knives from Victorinox have a set of pliers. However, they are not as robust or as versatile as the SwissTool pliers.
  • A few Wenger Swiss Army knives also have a set of small pliers. Unlike Victorinox and Leatherman, the Wenger pliers have a slip joint instead of a rigid pivot.
  • Full size Leatherman tools also have pliers with wire cutters. They are about the same size as the SwissTool pliers, and with similar functions.